Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Ottawa Comiccon eve! I have a friend currently on a plane all the way from the wilds of Moncton, on his way for a weekend of wondrous geek times. We're going to go see The Avengers tonight, which I have happily and successfully remained spoiler free on. I rarely cheat on The Mayfair, but this is a special occasion and I won't use actual money, just some free passes. Then this weekend to follow will be all catching up with comic artist folks I know who are in attendance, digging through cheap comic book bins, and basking in the presence of our greatest Canadian, William Shatner. I have fingers crossed that it will all go well, and that the inconvenient location (I wish it was downtown at the OCC) along with potential public transpo and parking issues won't cause any nerd riots.

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