Saturday, May 05, 2012

It's Free Comic Book Day! Get yourself over to your friendly neighbourhood comic book store and participate in one of the greatest ideas ever conceived and put into action by human beings. In my youth, before geek culture had completely taken over the world, never in my wildest dreams would I have believed the concept of walking in to a shop once a year and being able to walk out with a big stack of free comics.

It's great that someone not only came up with a day like this, but that at a decade in the industry not only still has it, but has overwhelmingly embraced it. It's a chance to thank the fans, to try and lure in some new readers, and grab a bit of media attention. There's also a ton of proof at how comic books can focus on any genre and are amazingly diverse. On FCBD you can pick up some super-hero action, sci-fi, horror, crime drama, comedic stuff, weird indie tales, kids friendly stories, continuing adventures of your favorite tv, movie and video game characters and more. The event has become so big, that Hollywood makes sure to release a big tent-pole blockbuster comic book movie on FCBD weekend every year (this year it's Avengers of course).

So go get some comics. How many other days can you enter a store and walk back out with an armful of free stuff without having just committed a crime?

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