Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whenever I move, or am in the after-math of a move, I always think of The Money Pit and the scene where Tom Hanks is stuck in a hole in the floor of his problematic new dwelling and is losing his mind. If there was ever a time where a person could make use of a magic genie wish for a project to be instantly and miraculously over with, it's the process of moving living spaces. It almost makes one wish they lived a much more Spartan life, and didn't have shelves full of movies, toys and comic books. But then I look at all my movies, toys and comic books and realize that they are awesome and I come to my senses. That's all I have the strength to write just at the moment, moving has exhausted me and possibly forever broken both of my out of shape arms that have lifted way too many comics in the last couple of days.