Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm not a big fan of Kevin Smith as a filmmaker. My favorite film that he directed is probably the original Clerks, which he did with all his friends, with little in the way of skill, and nothing in the way of money. My confusion with Kevin's filmography is that as the budget's get bigger, as the directorial experience stacks up, you would think that the quality of the product might increase. It doesn't seem to though, stuff like Clerks 2 and Zack & Miri Make A Porno look and feel just like his no-budget movie. Other filmmakers seem to evolve, Kevin Smith does not.

Having said that though, even though I insult his skill in his profession, I do think that we could be pals. He's pretty much living the geek dream. He wants to put Stan Lee in a movie, he gets to put Stan Lee in a movie. He gets to write Batman comics at DC and Daredevil comics at Marvel. He has action figures of himself. He has his own comic book store. And as a bonus he has a legion of lemming loyal fanboy worshipers who think that everything he does is gold standard. I am not one of these super fanboys, but I do think he's quite funny. He knows how to speak in public with great skill, and is a skilled writer (not so good with the directing, but good with the writing).

Yesterday I stumbled on the first episode of a new show that AMC is producing called Comic Book Men. Lo and behold, it's a documentary series about Kevin Smith's employees at the New Jersey based Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic book store. I believe that it came to be out of a podcast hosted by Kevin and featuring his comic shop employees and a guy who while not employed there, does spend all his time there. The last thing that I need in my life is another TV series to watch, but I think I found one.

The show is on Sunday night's after The Walking Dead (I hate that show! Who would have ever thought I could hate a zombie show based on one of my favorite comics!?!). I don't think anyone actually watches TV shows at the actual time that they come on anymore though, so check out the Comic Book Men website, or program the ole' DVR and check it out. And if you are a geek, continue to envy the power geek life being lived by Kevin Smith.