Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I lied a couple days ago when I said that I actually managed to beat the deadline and get my submission to this years Painted Lips & Lolly Licks Fest. I didn't lie on purpose, but lied. I had thought that my friend and editor extraordinaire had handed in 'The Fantasy', the short that I wrote and directed. She actually managed to hand in a different project that she worked on, then spent the weekend putting the finishing touches on the effort we worked on. Meaning that I likely stressed out her weekend a bit, and that of the program director as he waited for the submission. Next time I really gotta try to get stuff in like a month early, which means it'll be done a couple days early at least.

So, here's the line-up for this year. A total of 18 shorts from a whopping 6 different countries. Most people can't even name 6 different countries!:

- The Wild, The Untamed Chevonne of the Yukon – dir - Rachel Wiegers, Dawson City, Yukon

- Me or the Porn - dir. Ryan Mains, British Columbia, Canada

- The Fantasy - dir. Josh Stafford, Ottawa, Canada

- Wiggle Room – dir. Julie Keck & Jessica King, USA

- A Sensitive Subject - dir. Nicholaus Hillier. Ottawa, Canada

- The Appointment - dir. Ryan Mains, British Columbia, Canada

- The Widow’s Razor – dir. Melaine J. Mortensen, Ottawa, Canada

- Lighthouse Brewing commercials - dir. Ryan Mains, British Columbia, Canada

- The Gossling Factor - dir. Mike Horrigan, Ottawa, Canada

- Room 218 - dir. Bonnie Robinson, Ottawa

- My Erotic Video Art - dir. Debi Oulu, Israel

- Cold Star - dir. Kai Stänicke, Germany

- Mother of Pearl – dir. Tikul, Spain

- Handcuffs – dir. Erika Lust, Spain

- I.M. in Love – dir. Louis Lush, Australia

- Butch Tits - dir. Jen Crothers, Vancouver, British Columbia

- Galactic Docking Company - dir. Clark Nikolai, Vancouver, British Columbia

- Egg - dir Sadie Lune, USA