Thursday, February 23, 2012

A belated comment on Valentine's Day and my belated Valentine's Day gifts. I have a long running sarcastic bastard joking comment about Valentine's Day amongst my friends and I. A lot of people hate Valentine's Day, for reasons ranging from commercialism to questioning it's validity as a worthwhile holiday to be listed on a calendar. The usual complaints, the same stuff that hits more powerhouse holidays the likes of Christmas and Easter.

I have a simple and controversial thought about Valentine's Day. If you hate Valentine's Day, it's likely just because you just don't have someone special who is going to hang out with you and buy you things on Valentine's Day. I got to go out and eat yummy sushi, then to see a couple of great romantic themed movies on my Valentine's Day. Then a week later, I got not one but three awesome gifts (lateness due to stuff coming from the magic of the interweb). I got a TARDIS that spins around, I got a Han Solo ice-cube tray, and I got one of those drinky birds that fascinated Homer so.

So begrudge me if you must, be angered at my mocking of your loneliness, but my answer to your hatred of Valentine's Day is to simply find someone to buy you awesome things. Problem solved. You're welcome.