Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Something horrible happened in my beloved hometown of Ottawa today. The downtown core was put on lock-down in the aftermath of a shooting. I was moments away from heading straight in that direction for a lil' freelance gig, crewing on a corporate show set-up. A few hours later, I headed downtown. Besides for a whole lot of news trucks, there was no evidence of terrorism. And, when I walked home at 10:00pm, everything seemed nominal.

I had to check in with friends worldwide as they contacted to make sure everything was ok. Which always make one feel secure that the world is in fact a great place most of the time, and that people are good, and that we all care about each other. Tomorrow, my friends and I will go into the downtown core and partake in an evening of great Canadian cover-band rock n roll thanks to Sheezer. We are all sad and upset, but life continues to trek along, and I am happy to do so in this great city.

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