Thursday, July 10, 2014

On April 3rd of last year, I turned on my computer, and soon after it informed me that Roger Ebert had died. It was a sad day, and hit home even a bit more for myself, as I was only a chapter or so away from finishing his book Life Itself. It has become one of my favourite books, and I have a good feeling that the documentary inspired from it will find equal favour from me. For someone I never met, I think of Roger often, especially when I see a movie that I really hate or really love. My go to thought is to wonder what Roger would've thought of the picture. I get a bit sad and contemplative that I'll never get to know what Roger thought of Under the Skin or The Lego Movie or Bad Words. I will get to see Roger Ebert up on the big screen soon though, as we begin our Ottawa Premiere run of Life Itself starting on Friday July 11 at the Mayfair Theatre. I hope you don't mind seeing a grown man cry, because I predict tears.

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