Thursday, July 24, 2014

I don't listen to much in the way of music nowadays. I don't dislike the art-form, but I just spend all my time that was once spent listening to music instead listening to podcasts and audio-books. I know it sounds offensive to music makers and fans, but I seem to find it a waste of my time listening to music while walking my dog when I could instead be multi-tasking a book into my head.

I get most of my music intake thanks to music themed documentaries that we screen at the Mayfair (that's where I was reminded of bands like The Stone Roses, introduced to LCD Soundsystem, and had my worship of The White Stripes continue, thanks to their respective movies). I also watch a lot of late night talk shows, and specifically David Letterman, who thanks to Paul Shaffer has always been a step above the other shows in terms of music.

Last night the musical guest on The Late Show was Brody Dalle, who's on the road to publicize her first solo album, Diploid Love. I know love is a strong word to put towards a person that one has never met, but I love Brody Dalle. I loved The Distillers, I loved Spinerette, and I love this new song. It might be just an impressive enough burst of rock n roll excellence for me to want to take a break from podcasts and give music another chance.

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