Friday, February 07, 2014

David Letterman is my late night hero and king. Craig Ferguson and his gay robot and intern horse sidekicks have my heart. Conan and Andy are like old high school friends. I get all my news from the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

I had no specific ill will towards Jimmy Fallon, but my late night teevee watchings were already pretty packed. Plus, all that I really knew about the host was that he was in that horrible movie Taxi, and that h was the guy who could never make it through a sketch at SNL without laughing rather unprofessionally at himself.

Over the years I've seen some rather brilliant crossovers with Jimmy and Craig, with Jimmy and Daily Show and Colbert, and even Dave has appeared in a Jimmy instigated gag. With Jay Leno out of the mix, it seems like the late night wars of officially reached a peaceful truce. Plus, his house band is The Roots. You can't go wrong with that.

Jimmy and his gang will soon jump up to the Tonight Show time-slot, bringing the show back to NYC for the first time in decades. Hopefully NBC will not go insane again, and Leno will stay off the NBC airwaves for good this time. I've just watched the three 'Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' specials and his final episode. It's evident that not only is Jimmy a really nice guy, but that he's having a hell of a good time, and trying really really hard to entertain.

I think this final musical number was the last straw in pushing me up onto the Jimmy Fallon bandwagon. Talk about a dream come true way to wrap up one's run on a talk show and get ready for the new gig.

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