Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday night I did my first bit of volunteering for the Rideau Valley Roller Girls. In retrospect, not sure what took me so long to do so. Guess I was content and enthralled enough in my watching of the sport from the sidelines. When the question arose if I wanted to help out though, I was all in. Now I get to ad 'score catcher' to my resume. As with many events big and small in my life, I seem to manage the avoidance of anything in the way of photographic evidence that I was there (I don't think there's any proof I lived in BC or have been to New York a couple times). I am in the above shot, a bit Where's Waldo style though.

Segueing nicely into other roller derby related news is the next Sunday Night Geek Night at the Mayfair. We'll be screening the drive-in derby classic Kansas City Bomber in association with my Rideau Valley Roller Girl friends. I've been trying to track down this one for pretty much the duration of my association with the theatre. And through a crazy chain of events (well...ebay) we now own an actual print of the thing. So we might make it an annual tradition, show it before the start of every roller derby season or somethin'.

The next Sunday Night Geek Night - July 4th at 9PM

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