Friday, June 11, 2010

I cannot tell a lie. I have absolutely no emotional connection to the GoBots and their fight against (or with?) the Rock Lords. None the less, I think the concept of showing bad Hanna Barbera style 80's Saturday morning animation up on the big screen a great thing.

GoBots being screened at the Mayfair came to fruition upon tying to get a hold of the Transformers animated movie (best death scene in a movie EVER!). It, alas, is unavailable. That lead me to jokingly ask 'Can we get the GoBots movie?' To which the Mayfair's head programmer said 'There's not a GoBots feature is there?'. And sadly enough, not only did it exist, but it was available. It's a strange backwards world.

So, although I haven't actually seen this movie, I can guarantee you this: It is better than a Michael Bay robot movie. Promise.

Sunday Night Geek Night:
GoBots Battle of the Rocklords - June 13th at 9pm at the Mayfair.
With upwards of NINE GoBots toys to give away, thanks to those fine geeks over at the Comic Book Shoppe

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