Monday, July 23, 2007

In a few short hours, at the horrendously early hour of 4:30 in the AM, I'm off to the airport to begin my journey down to California for the glory that is the San Diego Comic Con. Not going to bother sleeping, I'm usually up 'till about 4AM anyhow. So I'm just going to multi-task and catch some sleep while in transit. Spent the day doing about a million procrastanated pre-travel chores...well, maybe not an actual million...but there were at least a dozen different things. Got my keys to the condo, got my sketchbook, got a PSP that a friend was kind enough to let me to steal, dug through my archives to find some books to get autographed. All ready for a packed week of geeking and networking. And in all likelyhood, networking with fellow geeks.

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