Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blast from the Past part Two

Where did the name Batturtle Productions come from? Folks actually seem to ask me that often enough, especially when I hand over a business card. Well, like many a name for companies or bands or things, the name is much more interesting than it's origins. I like Batman...I like the Ninja Turtles (the Mirage originals of course). Then came a drawing from my friend James, back when we were in the trenches of Canterbury High School (well...not really trenches, they were nice enough times). About the same time, a doodle was sketched of a Batman logo wearing a TMNT style headband around it's head. Plus, I used to use the initials BAT when I got high scores on video games. Anyhow, somewhere amidst all that, the word Batturtle was born. Mystery revealed!

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