Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day! I hope you have a good one at least, I'll be working two-fold like a chump. In the midst of much business. This week I've been crewing for a big outdoor show of the Canadian Opera Company (it's going to be on Bravo idea when). Working the last day related to that on July 1st, then off to tear down a Canada Day stage in the evening. Next on the calender, I'll be follow-spotting for Blues Fest, then some Sound and Light Show stuff on Parliament Hill. If I make it through all that, then I have my San Diego vacation to look forward to.

In more Batturtle Productions centric news: The assemblage of the Villains pitch is going well. Storyboards are being drawn. Scripts are being written. Want to have it done before the end of the month. Also working on a second round of interviews for the Comic Book Connection. Re-interviewing some of the same folks, but getting some more updated info. That too will be done (not the final product, but at least some interviews) before I flee for California as well.

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