Monday, December 04, 2006

This exciting behind the scene picture was taken on location during production of my latest short a couple weekends ago. As I go over the scene with actress Tara MacKenzie, actor Mark Courneyea mugs it up for the camera (which evidently is a sickness on his part, as he does so in every single bit of still photography that he's ever been caught in ever).

The short ('Checklist') will be premiered along with a batch of other horror shorts on Saturday December 30th at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa. On one hand, the screening is happening during the busy holiday season, so that might keep things too hectic for a lot of folks to tear themselves away from winter-y plans to check out the movies. At the same time though, it's on a Saturday night, post Christmas and pre New Years Eve. Plus, I just really wanted to make a lil' dream come true and have a screening at the Mayfair.

So it's actually not all that exciting of a shot, and much delayed in being posted. But I wanted to put an update on here and this is the only new-ish picture that I have handy. My blogging time has been all taken up over on the Killer63 blog, which has had many more updates and exciting pictures of late.

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