Friday, December 08, 2006

Some folks know about this development already, but I didn't want to 100% spread the word until everything was official and organized. After much paperwork (oh how I do hate the boring, necessary evil of paperwork) and e-mailing back and forth, things are finally in line to have some Batturtle stuff shown on CHUM's Drive-In Classics channel. The bad vampire / good vampire set-up to the feature length movie version starring the characters, 'Gwen' and 'Mercy', along with the horrifically bad night at the office story 'Thursday' will all start to be shown on the channel sometime in the near future.

There's a link on their website that says: 'Seen it on DIC? Ask us to play it again!'. So if anyone does subscribe to the channel, and does happen to catch one of the shorts while watching, please do feel free to drop them a quick e-mail (only if you have nice things to say...bad things to say, please disregard).

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