Saturday, March 24, 2012

As someone who helps run a repertory movie theatre, perhaps I should not point out that I cannot believe how amazing the state of television is. Every time I chat with someone I learn of another amazing tv series that I don't have time to watch. Yes, I know that tv is still full of D-grade celebrities facing off in competition, mind-numbingly anger inducing 24 hour news channels and insulting to the human brain laugh-track sitcoms. To be fair though, there's just as many horrible books, movies or bands out there. Every genre of arts and expression has a lot of terrible in it.

TV (when ignoring reality programming and dance shows) is in a golden age of quality. World class directors, writers and actors are all working on the small screen in favour of big. And not in the embarrassing way that washed up unemployed movie stars used to slink to tv to do stuff like Walker Texas Ranger.

My newest obsession is American Horror Story, which I didn't even know existed until stumbling on an imdb article about it while researching the interwebs for stuff to write about on the Mayfair's Twitter feed. I was instantly hooked into it's soap opera horror story style, next thing I knew my girlfriend and I had watched four episodes straight. On top of the quality, it's also amazing that tv land remains fairly uncensored in terms of sex and violence. I don't know if the powers-that-be were busy bothering movies and forgot about tv, but it seems like they can get away with anything there.

If you are watching an excellent tv show, please do not tell me about it, I have so much stuff to do and so little free time in my days as it is.

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