Monday, January 30, 2012

More Batturtles

Too tired to write anything too substantial or inspired this-evening. A somewhat heavy manual labour intensive day tearing down stuff from the NHL All Star weekend festivities followed by a rather slow paced four hour classic movie at the Mayfair has worn me out ('Gone With The Wind' - didn't impress me over-all, but blew my mind a little in how unlikable, unsympathetic, slave-owning, Yankee hating, and soap-opera all the characters were).

Anyhow, in sticking to yesterday's theme, here's yet another Batturtle related image that's not me that I found off of the interwebs. This one sticks a bit closer to my inspiration for the name, as it's drawn by Mirage Comics alum Michael Dooney, and is actually a Ninja Turtle in a Batman suit.