Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recently and coincidentally I was told a story of a girl showing her boyfriend her favorite film, The Princess Bride. Not only did he not like the film, he didn't even make it half way through the film before giving up and turning it off. That my friends is unacceptable, and I'm pretty sure the dictionary definition of what would be known as a dealbreaker. This wasn't some cliche case of a girl forcing a guy to watch Sex and the City or some horrible Julia Roberts romance...this was the frickin Princess Bride! There's not a lot of movies that I consider perfect, but this one is pretty damn close. It has everything! Swashbuckling pirates, underhanded villains, a tough and beautiful princess, eccentric wizards, rodents of unusual size, Andre the Giant, Peter Falk...what more could you possibly want!?

That is the end of my rant. Please come out and see this excellent film. And if you've been invited to the film by a significant other, do not fail the test. See the movie. It is great.

Lost Marbles Geek Night: Sunday December 19th at the Mayfair at 8:45PM.

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