Thursday, December 02, 2010

A few days ago, the gentleman who directed my favorite movie ever died. And if you google Irvin Kershner, you'll find many more popular geek than I ranging from Harry Knowles to George Lucas saying deserved nice things about the man. So no need for me to repeat his career accomplishments here. Even though belated, I felt like typing up a lil' something though...

It's always sad when someone dies of course, and weird when someone you've never met yet admire passes away. You have no actual connection, but they've managed to yet completely help shape and change your life. The first movie I ever saw at a movie theatre was The Empire Strikes Back. I went to see it at the Somerset Theatre in Ottawa, which doesn't exist anymore, with three family members, two of which aren't with us anymore. The movie going experience blew my lil four year old mind, and can probably be pin-pointed as the first step towards my love of movies. I remember the opening scene with Luke on the Tauntaun, I was completely mesmerized by the snow kangaroo thing. And I remember the cliffhanger ending, and being furious when my dad told me I had to wait three years to find out what happens to Han Solo. Three years!?! I was only four! That's most of my life! I have vowed that if I ever have kids I'm making them wait three years between watching Empire and Jedi.

In conclusion, The Empire Strikes Back was awesome, and without Irvin Kirshner instead of Han saying "I know" in response to Leia's confession of love, he just would have said "I love you too". Thank you sir.

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