Thursday, October 14, 2010

It looks like we have everything together and assembled for the Killer63 screening on Saturday. So, y'know...a whole massive two days before the actual event. Not a lot of time to publicize the mini-fest, so just trying to get the word out via the magic of the internet while I can (don't know what people did before blogs and e-mail and Facebook and all this stuff).

The lucky number 13 shorts in the line-up will include (in not this exact order):

Never Bet the Devil Your Head - Kristian Larivier
Until the Fat Lady Sings - Rob Kantu
Bagra - Tom Jardine
Stop 21 - James Campbell
Seance - Robin Kasparik

Plus an 8mm zombie graveyard short from Petr Maur, two brand new shorts from Jeff Campbell, three works from Chris Chitaroni & Jimm Moir's Skywardkick Productions, and a pair of terror themed music videos from Canadian bands Hunter Valentine and Boxcar Cadavers (I directed the latter one). The work ranges in length from 5 to 18 minutes, and all combined comes in at about 100 / 105 minutes.

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