Saturday, May 29, 2010

In 1985, Michael J Fox starred in one of the most successful, highly praised, most beloved, and some would say one of the best films of not only the 80's, but of all time. Teen Wolf was not that movie.

It's amazing the kind of stuff that used to get green lit by the powers that be in Hollywood. And even more amazing, that the movie must have done a bit of business. It spawned a non-Michael J Fox sequel (the wittily titled, Jason Bateman starring, Teen Wolf Too) and even a Saturday morning cartoon (though to be fair, even the Rubik's Cube starred in a cartoon back then).

Relive the good ole' days of 1980's teen monster cinema on May 30th at 9:15 for another Sunday Night Geek Night. This one sponsored by Invisible Cinema, who have supplied some great 80's themed DVD's for us to give away to those brave enough to attend.

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