Saturday, May 08, 2010


I've been involved with throwing my ideas into the ring for Mayfair screenings for a while now, but I must say that this lil' experiment of a project has me very excited. I put forward the request to be given a shot of doing something with our most dead of time-slots, the Sunday late show. A little while back I went to a show on that night, and five minutes before show-time it was me and the projectionist and another employee hanging out in the box office...besides for that the place was empty (a couple people showed up last minute, but think the attendance that night hovered around five people).

Seeing as we have such luck with theme specific events, I thought focusing on our geeky offerings might be the way to go. A bit risky showing cult stuff in such a time slot, but I thought that we might have a shot at creating a brand new Midnight Movie kinda' tradition for our fine patrons. And seeing how well the last Roller Derby night did, plus great turn-out's for The Big Labowski and Army of Darkness and other such classics, my spirits are now high.

We kick things off with Howard the Duck. Forget Iron Man 2...this is the comic book movie you want to spend your money on this weekend! In an age of comic book movies at every turn (Kick Ass, The Losers, Jonah Hex, Scott Pilgrim, The Green Hornet...) it's easy to forget how rare they once were. Howard the Duck came just after the Superman sequels and before the concept of mining comic books for ideas returned to Hollywood's attention with the likes of Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It had a popular and acclaimed Marvel Comics character as its centerpiece, was produced by the creator of Star Wars, and had a script from the Oscar nominated writers of American Graffiti. What could possibly go wrong!?

The Mayfair's next great tradition, our very first officially tagged Sunday Night Geek Night, happens on May 9th an 9:30. Prizes, fun, and a legendarily bad movie up on the big screen.

Just wait till you see what we have planned next!

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