Sunday, April 17, 2011

That is a very small percentage of the amount of plastic spoons tossed haphazardly through the air during a screening of 'The Room' by the movies adoring fans. Adoring, yet possessing very poor choices in their cinematic tastes. Not that I'm up on any kind of pedestal for my amazing movie watching habits of course...I mean, I not only own a copy of 'Ultraviolet' on DVD, I watched it with audio commentary.

Tonight though (or I guess technically last night now)I sat in the Mayfair box office and got to witness a young woman burst into tears of joy as she stood a few feet away from Tommy Wiseau waiting to meet him and get an autograph. This happened last night as well but I missed it. I've been talking about 'The Room' and its director endlessly the last couple days. I am completely fascinated by the turn of events that would lead from a bad independent little movie undeserving of any attention at all getting attention. The chaos theory effect was amazingly in it's favour this time. 'Cause really the film should have come and gone and never be seen by anyone and sit on a shelf and be lost to ages.

Instead, Tommy Wiseau's horrible movie has sold out shows occupied by audiences who hang off his every word and cheer at his every statement, no matter how nonsensical or how hard to understand he is. And they have a hell of a good time yelling back at the screen, singing along with happy birthday wishes, and laughing uproariously for 99 or so minutes. I don't understand how someone could not be in on the joke. I would think that his feelings would be hurt by such a reaction. But he is totally not hurt by being mocked and laughed at, I promise you. I think that he thinks he's made a 'Citizen Kane' of a movie that makes him worthy to be thought of as being the caliber of a director the likes of Martin Scorsese.

If you like movies and haven't come out to see 'The Room', or more importantly seen 'The Room' on a night where Tommy is on hand to sign autographs and introduce the movie, you haven't lived yet as a fan of motion pictures. One last chance for you to attend, Sunday April 17th at 10:30pm at the Mayfair.

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