Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The line-up for this years Painted Lips & Lolly Licks is up on the interwebs. There are eighteen shorts from across the globe, with six of those coming from Ottawa filmmakers. Our short for the event is finally done, went through one final revamp when the editor made another pass over on the sound (and there may have been a typo in the credits too). Now it's finished again and passed off last night, which means that it was submitted only a full four days or so after the actual deadline.

I'm quite pleased with the final product. Since I've done so much horror and a bit of sci-fi type genre stuff, for my first Painted Lips short I didn't want to mix genres. I wanted to make a plain ole' sexy story offering. And I think that me and my small band of film-making compatriots have managed to make something pretty good. Only a couple of people have seen the finished product, but so far the reaction has been all positive and included a "fucking awesome!" (sorry for the crude language, but that's a direct quote).

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