Friday, January 07, 2011

Had planned to update the blog with this information a couple days ago. Alas my gmail account (and hence blog too) got hacked and taken over by evil villainous masterminds from Egypt. Nefarious Egyptians who tried to trick all my friends who're connected to me via g-mail to send them $2,000 because "I" was trapped at an airport in the UK under dire situations...or something like that. It was kindah' funny if it wasn't such an pain of a couple of days trying to get my account back. Good news: I've got it back. Bad news: It's wiped out of all of the information that used to be on there. Oh well. I digress...

Ok! Above is the poster for the upcoming event at the Mayfair Theatre, the third annual Painted Lips and Lolly Licks Film Festival (with all pertinent contact information listed upon it). It arrives just in time for Valentine's Day weekend, and is currently on the look-out for and accepting submissions of short films to be screened on the night.

I'll be directing a short which I think we're calling "Kindah based on a true story...". Hopefully we'll have casting figured out within the next couple weeks, and then I'm sure my frequent collaborators and I will shoot on a day very near to the deadline and be editing the night before. There's no other way to do one of these things.

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