Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Frighteners is one of those great movies that should've been a giant hit, but was not. I already wrote a thing about it on the Mayfair blog, so I won't bother completely repeating myself here. I love this movie, and even I'm guilty at having missed out on seeing it on the big screen back in '96. At long last that will all change this Friday night, thanks to the mad with power birthday movie clause of Mayfair partnership.

"Well, I'd be excited to go and see it...but I'm not paying to get in to the thing" is an often repeated sentiment when talking about a movie we can get, that maybe might not appeal to a theatre full of ticket purchasing patrons. Luckily, the Mayfair audience is often on the same page as us, so we get to play all kinds of great pictures. Which makes picking out something extra special even more difficult. The Frighteners was my runner-up choice this time around (sorry Hudson Hawk...maybe the powers that be will let us play you next year), but a great runner-up it is.

A rare chance to see the Peter Jackson directed and Michael J Fox starring scary funny ghostbustin' adventure on the big screen. Friday March 26th at 11:30PM at the Mayfair.

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