Friday, December 04, 2009

A batch of behind the scenes shots taken during last Saturday's shoot for my contribution to this year's Killer63. Stare in wonder at our high tech clapper board!'s not a clapper board. We forgot our clapper board, so we made use of the memo board off the fridge. Indie film-making ingenuity at it's best. The title on it is 'The Morning After'. Not sure if that's actually our final title. Both 'cause since then I was reminded that that's already a movie with Jeff Bridges and Jane Fonda in it, and because I think some other folks might have come up with better titles then my idea.

The classy looking black and white shot features our acting duo of Sarah Lavrisa and Mark Singleton. Both are deep in thought...and / or pretending to listen to my direction. The short was shot by Amber Peters (in the red sweater checking out the scene through the camera), who also shot my Killer63 movie in '08 (which also featured Mark's acting, though he died pretty quickly in that one).

And finally, our pale-faced red-eyed Zombie Girl was played by Jennilee Murray (those contacts were such a great lil' touch). Seen here getting some blood make-up touch-up's from super crew member Anne-Marie Kelly.

The tapes are in the hands of my editor as I write this. My schedule is a bit insane, so not sure when I'll actually get to look at what she puts together. That's the good loop-hole about organizing a festival screening, you can miss the deadline and be the last one to get the project done.

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