Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A few short weeks ago, being co-owner of the Mayfair wasn't part of my existence. Of course, much less was it even ever part of my day to day thought process. Now it's a constant and steady topic on my mind. Another thing packed into my already too packed schedule (a 48 hour day and 14 day week would be nice).

If you would have told me that the Mayfair was part of my future in more that a patron capacity though, I would have put up a hazard of a guess that my first suggestion of a movie to play might be 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'...maybe 'Big Trouble in Little China'. I would never have guessed that it would've been 'The Wiz'. Stranger things have happened I guess. So, if you're free Thursday night around nine or so, head on over to the Mayfair for a bizarre remake of Wizard of Oz starring Michael Jackson. I'll see yah there.

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