Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mayfair marquee for Killer63 year one

It looks like the Mayfair Theatre is closing in November. I spoke today with someone doing an article about the theatre (since I've shot movie stuff there and screened Killer63 events there). The news saddens me to no end. Especially so if it's destined to be replaced by another Starbucks or set of condos.

I have endless Mayfair stories I could tell. The first time that I went to the Mayfair, my uncle brought me, and introduced me to Monty Python. And since then, I've seen hundreds of movies there, double bills for the most part. I've happily wasted the day there watching a Star Trek marathon, shot cap guns at the screen of John Woo films, experienced horribly offensive Japanimation and classics the likes of Wizard of Oz.

It's awful that repertory theatres nation wide are destined for extinction it seems. The Mayfair is one of my favorite places on earth, and I will miss watching movies there very much.

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