Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did an interview yesterday for CHUO in regards to the Killer63 fest. The interviewer (John Sekerka from a program called 'Tornado Warning') e-mailed me this morning to let me know that he's going to hold of on playing the segment until next week. For a Halloween themed night. If you're outside of Ottawa you can give it a listen on on Thursday the 25th, sometime between 10 - 11PM.

In related news, we finished shooting 'Cassandra' on the Saturday. Everything went well. After doing lots of dialog sitting around a table, got to do some fun action and fake blood and gun-play. I went in for some editing a couple days ago and will finish up on the weekend. Horribly behind schedule, but still in time for the screening. Putting together the master tape for the premiere on Monday (waiting for three more submissions...then we're all good).

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