Friday, September 28, 2007

Got all three actors officially cast in my Killer63 short as of this week. Jerome Bourgault and Brett Kelly will be playing a pair of cops interrogating a strange young woman played by Emily Shanley. I worked on the crew of a film that Jerome had a small part in, and Brett recommended him after checking out the script. Brett, I've worked with on a million things or so (only a slight exaggeration). I put Emily's picture up there, because upon seeing it on her Facebook page, I immediately sent her a message to tell her that that's pretty much exactly what I want her to look like for the part. We shoot on Saturday the 6th at an abandoned office.

In other Killer63 news, I crewed on two other productions this week. Did sound stuff for director Anne-Marie Frigon on 'Scare Bears', and director Bonnie Robinson on ' Infinity'.

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