Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In possibly one of the greatest 'new comic book day' Wednesday's ever in the history of new comic book days, no less than three books written by Joss Whedon came out: Runaways #26, Astonishing X-Men #21 and Buffy: Season 8 #3. And to make things even more exciting, within Buffy #3, I got a letter published. Not quite as cool as say writing an issue of Buffy...but I'll take my geek points where I can get them. My name and Joss' name are in the same comic, so we're like peers or friends or something right? C'mon...allow me my delusions.


Anonymous said...

Cool beans! I didn't notice that. I'll have to check that out, as long as we're not sold out. (Which we probably are...)


(PS - Yes, I occasionally read your blog. Bwahaha)

batturtle said...

You can buy some more copies for the store and get me in for an autograph session.