Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sat 22nd -

Geek girl dressed like Phoenix. Just walking around. What's better than that?

Met a couple of very kewl NYC artists, check out their sites ( GBTRAN.com and joannarchy.com ...though the latter is 'coming soon' at the time of this writing). Went to the Robert Rodriguez / Grind House panel. Supposedly geeks were lined up since the early AM hours outside in the scorching heat all day to secure a seat. I strolled in a few minutes before show-time and got myself a 2nd row centre chair. His special surprise guest was Quentin Tarintio, along with a whole bunch of babes who are starring in the movies. They're an odd pair. Robert showed some stuff from his 1/2 of the double bill. A zombie movie in which Rose McGowan has a gun for a leg. What more could you want our of a motion picture? Later in the day was blessed to be in attendance of the Brisco County Jr panel, featuring the man himself, Bruce Campbell. This guy knows how to work an audience. I'm pretty sure that if Jesus had had a panel going at the same time, that Jesus would've gotten a pretty good turn out, but Bruce's would have a slightly longer line. He announced that they were going to be doing an autograph signing downstairs. I bolted from the room. Sprinting Ferris Bueller style the mile or so between the panel hall to the Warner Bros booth at the main convention centre. Managed to secure myself a place 2nd last in line before it was cut-off. More impressive was that I didn't cause a scene upon meeting Bruce. Shook hands, brief conversation, gave him a DVD, got a couple autographs, didn't pass out form geek-citement.

Got a lot of kewl sketches. A Tick from Ben Edlund, Flaming Carrot from Bob Burden, and one from Ahmet Zappa (yup...Frank's kid). Scored a Green Lantern ring from the DC area. Went to see the Firefly / Serenity doc 'Done the Impossible'. Hung out with Vancouver folks afterwards at the unofficial con after party thing. Including former 'Prisoners of Gravity' master-mind Mark Askwith. He works at Space (the TV channel...not in space) and was integral in getting my stuff onto Drive-In Classics.

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